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Kerri & Charles, August 2011. Photo by Tate Tullier Photography.

Kerri & Charles, August 2011. Photo by Tate Tullier Photography.

Photographer, Founder & President.
Assistant & Vice President.
We are an awesome team at
Kerri Clark Designs.



A little bit of history.

In 2002, my dad needed a website done for his music business.

Then a couple of friends needed some graphic work done.

Kerri Kalinec Designs was then formed.

Got married to Charles in 2009.

Kerri Kalinec Designs became Kerri Clark Designs.

2010 was the year photo session requests skyrocketed.

It's now 2017 and business continues to skyrocket, both in graphics and photography.

And we're busier than ever.

And we like that.

Photo by Bryan Chan Photography

Photo by Bryan Chan Photography

All about Kerri.

Photographer, Graphic Designer & Co-Owner
Kerri was handed crayons and paper when she was a small child. That's when she started bustling with creativity. She even went so far as to draw a clown on her playroom wall with permanent markers and she was only 5 years old. Needless to say, her parents weren't too thrilled.  However, they were so impressed with her work that they proudly photographed it.

In high school, she took up Photography and Graphic Design classes and those were the best subjects she had. She borrowed her dad's Pentax K1000 camera for her class.  She still hasn't returned it...

Because Kerri thought she was going to be a professional photographer, upon entering college she took several photography classes. She was then swayed by an elective course that she thought it would be fun to take.  The course was Advertising Design 101. From that time on, she decided she wanted to be a graphic designer, primarily.

In between college courses, she interned at an internet service provider. With no prior knowledge, she began old school (1997 style) HTML programming and designing websites. She had no idea what she was in for when she interviewed for the internship. Kerri completed the program, and she is still grateful for having gained the experience.

After graduation, she worked in several different companies, which provided her a vast expanse of design and production expertise. These included a small graphic design firm, an advertising agency, newspaper company, monthly publication companies and a restaurant company, to name a few.

Having had over a decade of experience in graphic design and production, Since 2019, Kerri has been enjoying taking on independent projects full-time.  She is blessed with Charles, a very supportive husband who believes she can do anything.  (And he makes a great photographer's assistant!)

 On vacation in California. Age 5. Photo by Brian Kalinec.

On vacation in California. Age 5. Photo by Brian Kalinec.

Photo by Kerri Clark of Kerri Clark Designs, LLC.

Photo by Kerri Clark of Kerri Clark Designs, LLC.

All about Charles.

Photographer's Assistant, CFO & Co-Owner
When Charles and Kerri got married, the business was mostly graphic design based, and it was just a few projects a year.

Then along came 2010, which was when the photography business started to take off. Charles has been assisting Kerri in photoshoots, helping directing people posing for photos.  He also helps with switching out the batteries and memory cards on the job, making his wife's life easier.

As of late, Charles has gotten more involved in business expenses. Kerri then realized that this makes for a great team. She thinks, "Yes, I think I have a CFO on my hands already."

Having had experience in accounting for a company he has been working for, for several years, this comes in handy for the KCD team.  This guy loves math.

Oh yes, this guy........loves to shop at camera stores, too, big time.


Note from Kerri: My husband says to keep his bio short and sweet.

And there you have it.