Kerri Clark Designs, LLC.




1) How many photos?
10 Color photos, chosen by the client at the end of the photo session.  Client may choose more for a cost per additional photo.

2) Will there be Black and White versions as well?
Only if the client requests for them.

3) Can I just have Black and White photos only?

4) Will I get both High Resolution (Printable Quality) and Low Resolution (Web and Email Formatted) photo versions?
No. Only High-Res will be provided.  However, Low-Res can be provided at client's request.  Low-Res images will have Kerri Clark Designs logo embedded.

5) How long will the photo shoot take?
Each photoshoot vary, some may take a hour or up to three hours, at up to three different locations.

6) Where will the photos be taken?
Anywhere.  In the house, outside the house or on a location the client chooses.  If unsure, Kerri Clark Designs can provide a list of locations, depending on the town/city the photos will be taken in.

7) I'm in another city/state.  Is that possible?
Yes. An out-of-town fee will incur to locations outside the 40 mile radius of Houston, TX.  An out-of-state fee will also incur.  Please contact the photographer for fees.

8) How will I pay? Is a deposit required?
Please refer to the Payment section below.

9) How many photos will be taken during the photo session?
Between 200 to 500.  Then the photos will be narrowed down to ten (10) photos or more as requested by the client.  The client-chosen photos will then be edited.

10) How many people can be in a photo shoot?
Up to 6 people.  A fee will incur for each addtional person.

11) Will I be expecting a CD in the mail?
Normally, Kerri Clark Designs do not provide CDs in the mail.  Instead, downloadable links on a webpage will be provided for the client to receive photos instantly.  No waiting for CDs in the mailbox. 

12) What if I only want a CD instead?
Not a problem. They are $10 each.

13) Will the photos be viewed on Facebook right away?
Not unless Kerri Clark Designs has permission from the client to post photos, and at a certain time per the client's request.

14) I want to have photos taken for a holiday, and I would like to have a holiday card designed as well.  Is that possible?
Yes.  Photos will be taken prior to card design.

15) When are you free?
On weekends and holidays.  Currently, Mondays through Fridays (non-holidays) are not available. Please contact the photographer for available dates.


1) What pieces are designed?
Kerri Clark Designs provide designs for the following (but not limited to):

Promotional Products
Business Cards
Advertisements used in printed and online media. For example: newspapers, magazines, websites.

Programs/guides/booklets. For example: Programs used at gala/sporting events. 

Consumer Products
Holiday Cards
Photobook Production

Digital Media
Converting files from one file format to another
Web Ad Banner Design
Brand Banner Signature Design in Email Messages
Website Design - for more details, please inquire

2) What is the turnaround time?
It depends on the content used, and which pieces are to be designed.

3) Can I get a "package" deal if I want more than just one piece designed?  For example: Business Card, Stationery, Website Design all together.
Yes. Kerri Clark Designs will be more than happy to give you a deal that will save you money.

4) Do you print?
Most of the time, we use for printing and shipping needs.  However, KCD can happily request quotes from several printing companies to get the best pricing.  We can either refer you to the printer contact, or we can handle the task of getting the pieces printed for you, for an additional cost.

5) I want a Holiday Card Design.  When will it be ready?
It depends on the holiday.  The best time to have it designed is a month prior to the holiday.  Kerri Clark Designs recommends for printing and shipping needs.  We can use another vendor at customer's request.  We will order and have it printed and shipped directly to the customer.  The printing and shipping fee will be added to the design cost.

6) I want a Holiday Card Design, with photos by Kerri Clark Designs.  Is that possible?
Yes.  Photos will be taken prior to card design.


1) What kind of websites do Kerri Clark Designs design?
Small-Business and Consumer-based websites.  Kerri Clark Designs use Squarespace website module for designing websites.  For more assistance, please contact us.


 1) What are the preferred methods of payment?
Major Credit Cards - American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover

2) Do I put down a deposit?
No.  Unless, it's for a wedding.

3) When do I pay?
Photography: Right after the session. You will receive an invoice right away for your records.
Graphic Design/Website: Once you receive an invoice.

If you don't see anything you are looking for, please inquire.