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Blake, Tristan and Lucas - April 2013

My lifelong friend, Blake, came up with a neat Mother's Day gift idea - photos of him and his two sons.  The boys presented their grandmother and their mom with the framed photos this past Sunday and they loved it.  Blake texted me right after their reaction.  Loved getting his texts!

On the day of the photoshoot, we went to the Edith L. Moore Bird Sanctuary near Town & Country in Houston.  We had taken photos of the Nordstroms there previously.  Such a beautiful setting.  The boys were great and could do anything on cue.  There have been some goof-off moments, which is in their nature as they have a great sense of humor.  Of course, I captured these moments.  They were really great and Charles and I enjoyed the photoshoot with them and their dad.

Teri and Diane, thank you for the sweet messages of gratitude!  Blake, thank you SO much again for having us - we always have a great time with you and the kiddos.

Not only did we take photos at the bird sanctuary, we headed on over to the Houston Texans Grille to check out the place and have a few pics taken.  Tristan uttered, "I'm in heaven, I'm in heaven!"  Lucas was all over the place.  Oh did you notice in the photos that he had two different flip flops?  He has to have one blue and one red...he's a big time Texans fan just like Tristan and his daddy. - KCD

Kerri Clark