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Alan, Sarah, Luke, Darcy and the Grandparents - April 2013

One of my closest friends, Sarah said, "It's been a while.  It's definitely time for a photoshoot.  Darcy's not a baby anymore."  This time, I got to take photos of the proud grandparents in addition to the darling family of four.  The very first time I did a photoshoot of Alan and Sarah was when she was pregnant with Luke.  That was over 5 years ago.  Time definitely flew!

These were taken at Alan's parents' house in Magnolia.  Such a fabulous backyard they have!  I'm inspired to have a vacation getaway house with a day, one day.  Their pond was perfectly still and the reflection was gorgeous.  A perfect setting, indeed.

Thanks Sarah, as always!  We enjoyed the photo shoot!  Even with Luke's little frog chillin' out with us.  - KCD

Kerri Clark