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SLYKI Entertainment Logo - May 2013

When I was in Mississippi two weekends ago, I met Warren "WaWa" Snipe, the founder of SLYKI Entertainment.  When I bragged that I had designed the logo and poster of the Mississippi DeafFest, he got excited and immediately asked if I'd be able to help him with creating a logo for his Dip-Hop (Deaf Hip Hop) group.

Honestly, that was a new area for me, designing a logo for a group in the Hip Hop genre.  But I was happy to do it...why not try something new?

After getting the initial feedback from WaWa, the logo was quickly chosen after only two rounds.  This man was extremely excited.  Really.  It was nice to see the excitement out of something I designed.

This is what he chose:

Many thanks, Wawa, for having me design the logo for your Dip Hop group! It was a real joy watching you perform along with ShoRoc and Prinz-D at the MS DeafFest!  (Yes, photos to come real soon and will blog about it, as well!)  - KCD

Kerri Clark