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The McPhails, July 2012

Finally, all this week, I'll be blogging a few photoshoots that were intended to be posted shortly after Christmas...which was the time that things were already pretty HECTIC for Kerri Clark Designs.

This is the first photoblog of the few this week.  The photos were taken last July.  Charles and I headed to Austin to stay with them for the weekend and it was a fun one!  We went to a neat farm in East Austin -- amazing props and old school RVs, too.  Kathy, my client, had gone to the farm on a tour prior and asked if we could have photos taken there.  (Doesn't hurt to ask.)

After the photoshoot, Kathy, the girls and I went to Hillside Farmacy and wow, if it wasn't such a busy place, I would happily take photos of the details.  Such a neat place.  Definitely takes you back to the early 1800s.  Next time will do!

Austin is a great place, indeed, for inspiration and creative photos!  Thank you Kathy, for having me take photos of your sweet, sweet family!

Enjoy! - KCD

Kerri Clark