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Beth's Baby Shower


My dear lifelong friend, Beth, was showered with baby girl love.  It was a sweet event - lavender and bunnies were the theme.  It was pretty fitting, considering that the shower was held the day before Easter.

Since I was one of the co-hostesses, I did the invite and also got some cupcakes from Sprinkles, complete with bunnies.  Some hostesses provided Bloody Marys, some provided onesies for us all to decorate on, some provided GORGEOUS flowers from one of the famous flower shops on Fannin Street in downtown, and the food, yum!  I also decided to go ahead and document the shower. When I took the camera out of my purse, Beth got really excited!  I love responses like this.

It was just a perfect shower all around.  I can't be happier for her and Quentin!  Looking forward to meeting Bobbie! - KCD

The address and some personal information as been omitted from the shower invite.

Kerri Clark