Kerri Clark Designs, LLC.


Kalinec Enterprises, Logo & Letterhead, April 2013

Just a little letterhead revamp project I did for my dad, Brian, my very first KCD client.  On the business cards in the past, he's used the Times New Roman font for "Kalinec Enterprises".  I wanted to do one classic, yet modernized version of the logo, in addition to just a few other options that were more contemporary.  Wouldn't hurt to try to provide different options.  Ultimately, he chose the classic option.  And a letterhead was born:

Thanks Mom & Dad for the fun project!  Looking forward to doing many more for y'all. - KCD

If you were wondering: he does have his music business, but this is his day job.  I definitely take after him.  I've got my day job and Kerri Clark Designs on the side...and we are always working non-stop...
Kerri Clark