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The DeLeons, Christmas 2012

After having known Diana on Facebook for a few months, we finally met up in person for the mini photoshoot, with her husband Roque and their adorable dog, Boagrius, in NW Houston.  My husband and I had just started using the reflector/diffuser a month ago and this is the first time we were actually using the reflector to its max.  Who knew it would work wonders at 4 pm in the Fall season?  So glad that was worth an investment!

At the end of the photoshoot, we were at this amazing lake/trail in Woodwind Lakes and the set was setting at the perfect time.  Who knew this beauty would be smack down right in the NW area?  Charles, our two doggies and I are definitely going to make a few trips there on the weekends...

Thank you Diana and Roque for the fun shoot!  It was lovely meeting you both and we'll be seeing you guys again real soon!

Enjoy the photos!  - KCD

Kerri Clark