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Our Christmas Card! 2012

Thought I'd share a glimpse of our Christmas card we sent out this year!


Back in July, August, I've been thinking about doing a 1950s themed card.  What fueled that was we had been watching.....


Yup.  I've been really obsessed with that show.  The photography, the set design, the make up, the wardrobe, the props, the talented cast & crew, everything.  It's a truly artistic show.  My eye candy.

I was thinking, "Hmm, I have a white Christmas tree.  With colorful ball ornaments.  Yeah, I think we can make it work."

- Brown Pleather Couch on Craigslist.

- Vintage Dress on Etsy.

- Three Clamp Bulbs we found in the attic (we just moved there almost two years ago).
- Our Bar Set we got for our wedding.

- Coffeetable my Grandma gave us a while back.

- Floor Lamp from IKEA from last year.

- Black Velvet backdrop from our Little Dancers photoshoot back in May.

- White Christmas tree and oh, those ornaments.

- Reservation with Joli Ammons, the hairstylist I met at a wedding I took pics at earlier this year.

Yup, this is working out perfectly.

Normally, I send out Christmas cards around Thanksgiving weekend, but with all these photoshoot requests popping up like crazy, we had to wait til just a week before Thanksgiving to have photos taken.

The Christmas tree was set up the same day as the self-portrait.  You would not believe the comments I got when I Instagrammed photos of the tree later that day - people were saying, what!  Thanksgiving hasn't rolled by yet!! I wanted to explain, but no, I had to wait.  It was pretty hilarious.

Only 1/3 of the tree was actually decorated for the card.  Didn't bother to complete the decor til the weekend after.  Yes, we were that busy...

Joli came by around 5, 6.  Made my hair look more like a sultry 50s lady instead of a housewife of that era, and that was even more awesome.

I gelled Charles' hair big time.  I wanted him to look like Paul Kinsey, pre-Hare Krishna days.  Worked out perfectly. 

Did our own self-portrait - only took a few shots.  That was pretty easy.

Up next were our pets.  Now, that was a challenging task.  I wanted individual photos of us for the card's backside.  The dogs were not so bad, but they kept coming off the couch when we were trying to get them to look at the camera.  Took a few tries.  Now the cats...oh brother.  They got all silly putty on our hands when we tried to get them to sit up and look at the camera.  It was just impossible.  I was pretty disappointed and thought the backside idea was ruined for sure.

Cleaned up everything, moved the tree to the corner on the other side, put everything up.  Then Joey was just sitting there on the living room carpet and I just happened to have a camera nearby, and a clamp bulb, too... Charles held the bulb while I took pics.  And that worked.  Then we tried Elena, well, she was really p'o'ed and was glaring at me because we had cornered her and she was just stuck.  She never wanted to have her photo taken, ever.  It worked out, but man, impossible to wipe that look off of her face...

The reason for the backside? I got the inspiration from this:

I also got the idea of using bios for each of us from my friend Kelly's Christmas card that I designed last year.  I did ask her if I could steal that idea...

Right when my friends and family got the card in their mailbox, I got a few comments on it - that everyone got a kick out of it.

I'm so glad I could bring humor & fun to the holidays!  Some people love Halloween so much.  As for me, I love Christmas so much that I'm willing to dress up.  Let's just say...Christmas is my Halloween....and SO much more.

Have a happy holiday season, you all!
- Kerri & Charles at Kerri Clark Designs

Kerri Clark