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Jane and Brian Viada, October 3, 2012

A friend of a friend inquired about photos of her wedding.  On a Wednesday night.  That's a first.  When I met Jane and Brian for their engagement photoshoot back in February, they were just so sweet with each other. You could tell they were anxious for the wedding to arrive.  The whole thing was a great experience.  I was on my own, with hearing people.  The first wedding had mostly deaf wedding party and guests, and it was a breeze for me.  This time, I was really nervous.  I usually have my husband the assistant around, but he had to work.  However, Jane's calm demeanor put me right at ease.  Brian was totally laid back, also.  This was a really nice (and laid back!) wedding.  I enjoyed it, even when my feet and legs were killing me, at 9 pm.  Being a wedding photographer is not easy, y'all. But, oh so worth it.

Thank you Jane and Brian (and Cain) for being wonderful clients and may you guys be blessed with a lifetime of happiness! - KCD

Kerri Clark