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Jamie, Christy, Caitlin, Chance and Sky, November 2012

Charles and I have known Jamie and Christy since maybe 2004, 2005.  They weren't even together back then.  They had just started dating again after almost 20 years. Such a sweet story.  Can't be happier for them!  I also enjoyed taking photos of Christy's kids, Caitlin and Chance.  And of course, loved their dog, Sky.  Such a beauty!  
We were at Deep Ellum, which was a good fit for them.  Very urban and all.  And I got to take pics of their gorgeous orange jeep!  It was really wonderful seeing them after so long!

Thanks Christy and Jamie for the fun photo opportunity (and a huge thanks to the kiddos for being patient with us all as we chatted in what feels like forever, ha!) - KCD

Kerri Clark