Kerri Clark Designs, LLC.


It's Finally Up!

For a really long time, I've been telling myself to get around to redesigning the website.  I actually didn't have the time to, using Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver.  Time consuming, I tell ya.  I've never been really BIG on website designing and developing.  Back in 1998, I was given a college internship offer to create websites at an internet service provider here in Houston during the summer.  I was lost, for I had no prior experience, but when summer ended, I was super grateful for having learned basic HTML programming.

And sadly, that's pretty much all I know, and a bit of Dreamweaver.  Graphic Design and Photography still won me over and took up all of my time.

When my husband and I moved to our house last year, I got a little involved with my neighborhood.  Did newsletters for them.  I wanted to help the neighborhood improve with a better community website.  Did a lot of researching and Squarespace was one of the modules I came across.

Then a few months later, my dad told me he needed to have his website revamped.  Panic set in.  Remember, I already mentioned how "great" I am at developing websites.

Then I thought, "Ohhh, Squarespace."  Told my dad about it - that way he and my mom can edit text wherever necessary, on their own time, and add photos whenever they see fit.

He got really interested.  I started to dabble in his website in that new format and I was in love.  It's just so easy and all along, I was thinking, "My dad's gonna LOVE me for this."  And it didn't take too long to do it, setting up the background and graphics for him: 

Because of how much fun that was, I started to do mine last fall.  Of course, it took me a LOT of trial and error to get the look exactly how I had envisioned, taking a few months.  Then it was almost ready to launch around Christmastime, but I just needed to gather my portfolo files.  Then I got SUPER BUSY the first half of this year - and I mean, unbelievably busy.  Clients are my priority...

Finally, this week and past weekend, I was able to get back into adding portfolio pieces, losing a lot of sleep on weeknights...

Yesterday evening, I was ready to launch this using Squarespace, then I was told it would take 24 hours.  That's okay, I can wait just a little longer.  But, it took a lot less was a really nice sight to see the revamped website version on my iPhone right when I woke up this morning.

I am really excited about this.  I'm sure I'll be updating it from time to time.....and it doesn't take up time like it used to.  Yay, Squarespace!

And oh yes, I love the fact that I can have my blogs in the same website as my portfolio, rates, contact and FAQs pages.

It's all good...

I am super grateful to my clients for being so loyal and wonderful.  Also, to my dear husband, for putting up with me and for being a great photographer's assistant anyone could have.  He's a really supportive husband and I am very lucky!

Well, I gotta get going.  Have a great day everyone!

- Kerri

Kerri Clark