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Brenda and Nabeel, October 15, 2011

Yes, I do weddings…only in the “Fly On The Wall” format.  Our friend, Nabeel, was an assistant to the videographer at our wedding.  One day, I was thinking, gosh I miss doing wedding photos, so I decided on a whim to ask Nabeel and his sweet, sweet bride, Brenda if I could volunteer to take photos, the way the guests actually see.  They were all for it, even if they already had their own photographer.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful, and perfect.  My husband and I got a kick out of seeing old friends and making new ones.  The best part of the whole event was to see Nabeel marrying the gal of his dreams.  He couldn’t stop smiling.  Brenda couldn’t be more perfect for him.  I even cried taking photos during the ceremony.  The wedding couldn’t come at a better time; the sun was shining on Brenda most of the time.  She was literally glowing!  

Thank you Nabeel and Brenda for inviting us and for letting me have fun with your photos!  Congratulations again, Mr. and Mrs. Keblawi!

Kerri Clark