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Biglarians Family, Christmas 2012

Ana, my high school classmate, her husband Patrick, and Barron, one of the cutest toddlers ever, decided it was that holiday photocard time. So we met with the ever so stylin' family in West Houston last month. Barron was just as lively as ever - even more so than last year.  I had to run after him, get in weird spots to get the best angles and tickle his tummy.  Who says it's easy work being a photographer?  :-)

Seriously, it was a joy taking photos of the Biglarians family, as always.  Charles and I just can't get enough of Barron.

Thank you Ana, again, for being one of the best clients ever.  You always have been so great to me, even being my very first photography model in high school.  (Gonna have to find that photo somewhere at home...and I'll post it when I do!) - KCD

Kerri Clark