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The Weavers - 2012

Another high school classmate of mine, Ellen, wanted to have family photos taken while they were in town for Christmas, also!

I had not seen her since our high school graduation in 1995.  She is still the same sweet gal.  I remember in Ms. Turney's class, she'd share her wallet photos of her high school sweetheart, Zach.     

Then I had heard through friends that she'd gotten married to the same guy.  I think high school sweethearts are pretty awesome.  All that history, amazing.

When we finally met up last December, it was great seeing her and meeting everyone.  They are a great bunch!  Ellen's daughters are just so precious.  

It was a great shoot, regardless of the weather, which felt like 15ºF!  That was one COLD day in Houston!

Thank you Ellen for the photo op!  Charles and I enjoyed it!

Enjoy the photos! - KCD

Kerri Clark