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Sarah, Pixie and Panda, November 2012

Since Sarah helped volunteer at the Little Dancers photoshoot, keeping me and Charles sane, I owed her big time.  Got her a photoshoot for her Christmas card.

We met up at Memorial Park (even though quite a lot of trees perished due to 2011 Drought, there were still plenty of good lookin' ones), since Sarah loves to run, run, run.

The photos came out really great - some were used with the 50mm lens, my favorite toy at this moment.

Thanks Sarah for having me take pictures of you and your furbabies!  And have a happy, happy birthday today!!  - KCD

Screen shot 2012-12-20 at 8.54.24 AM.png

P.S. Oh yeah, I've got a great outtake, here.  Charles being an awesome assistant and Sarah attempting to be "flying" with her mad "frozen" running skills.

Kerri Clark