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DeafFest Mississippi 2013

Just a little bragging note here. Last year, I was contacted by a friend to come up with a logo for the festival. It would contain music concerts, a 5K marathon, theatre, arts and such.

It sure sounded like a great festival. Visually, festivals are quite colorful. I wanted to incorporate that in the logo.

I created a few designs for the committee to choose from. They decided to go with this:

I was pleased they chose it. (It was actually my favorite!) Since there are going to be concerts, I wanted to include the hands up in the air. And hands represent a method of communication widely used by the deaf, sign language. If they are clapping, they are waving in the air. I thought this would be perfect.

And recently, I was asked to modify the logo to reflect their 5K event, Deaf Dash. And again, the committee was pleased with it.

They've already went ahead and used the logos in DeafFest Mississippi's website:

Sounds like an exciting festival!! I'm proud to have been a part of the special event for the deaf!


Kerri Clark