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Hunter's Senior Photos - 2012

It's really hard to believe that my cousin Lauren's firstborn is now a high school senior.  I was a senior myself, in April 1995, when we came to the hospital room to see Lauren as a new mom.  Hunter was so precious, so tiny.  He was only a month old at my high school graduation and I held him.  Still so tiny.

Well, he just as easily towers over me nowadays.  It's amazing how time flies.  When Lauren asked me to do senior photos, I, of course, got a bit sentimental.  Such a neat milestone to document with photographs.

She asked if she could include Hunter's girlfriend in a few photos. I said sure!

Charles and I came to Santa Fe, took photos on his high school campus, then we went on over to the Strand in Galveston and later right on the beach.  

As I was editing away, I was thinking, oh Hunter and his girl are adorable together.... little did I know I edited way more than just a few of them together.  My cousin said, "These are great, but do you have any more of just Hunter?"  That made me laugh.  I just couldn't help but think that Hunter and his girl are picture perfect...

Thank you Lauren, for enlisting me and Charles!  We enjoyed the photoshoot with y'all.  Already looking forward to his graduation!  

I can't be more proud of him as he embarks on his new adventures this coming fall!

Enjoy the photos! - KCD

Kerri Clark