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Our Christmas Card, 2013

Ever since our last year's Mad Men Holiday Card, I could NOT think of anything to top that.  When my husband Charles and I vacationed in Boulder, CO. this past June, we found these ugly sweaters.  


Awkward Christmas Photos with these sweaters - now we have a theme.

Honestly, though, I had been apprehensive about using that theme.  Last year's card is really CLASSY.  And now this?  Hmmmm, at least, we have something.

In early November, we found a couple things on Craigslist: that dreadful 1990s era muslin backdrop and the studio lighting kit.  We happened to get both within an hour of each other - two different sellers.  

Perfect - we got it all.

Once we set it up, the lighting was pretty cold - no warm light or anything.  That screamed 1990s.  Told Charles to shave so it's just a mustache.  (Turned out it was his first time wearing it, ever.)  Decided to do my hair like back in 6th and 7th grade (awfully late 1980s).  Wow, that was a HASSLE.  How the heck did I do it?  I had totally forgotten how to do it.  My bangs were pretty long at the time so I had to use a BARRETTE to hold the top part of the bangs.  A BARRETTE.  Hairspray just didn't work.  Made "wings" in my hair, too.

Wow, what were we thinking back then?

Anyhoo, the photoshoot did not take as long as I thought it would.  Charles did GREAT being in character, all p.o.'ed off in the photos.  The animals were pretty easy, too, compared to last year!  We were really pleased.  I totally thought our cream tabby Elena would try to wrestle to get out of my arm, but she didn't.  She just stood there, thinking, "What have I gotten myself into?"  Our black cat Joey, surprisingly, tried to get out of my other arm.  I thought he was patient?  It was a bit of a challenge to hold them in.  

When I narrowed down the photos after the shoot, I could not believe how great our white dog Molly did.  She's usually really happy and has a smile on her face, like in the card last year.  But she got into character like her daddy.  I guess she felt the Awkward Family Photo vibe or something… Our black dog Tucker's facial expression was not really surprising.  That's how he looks when he is disappointed it's too rainy outside to go for a walk.

Even though I'm a photographer and I edit photos in Photoshop, I didn't edit photos of me at all - gotta keep it ugly.  The only thing I had to edit was to get the light lamps out of Charles' reflective sunglasses and to "brush" his hair more.  That's it.  That was a quick photoshoot - easy stuff.

As for the backside, October 20th was the LAST DAY of traveling for almost three months due to weddings, photoshoots and all that.  We were EXHAUSTED.  I had planned to do the photo swap with another Houston photographer, Stephanie Jones.  She liked my work and wanted me to take photos of her, her husband Doug and their adorable son Oliver.  And I told her I'd like just a few photos of my husband and I.  But on the way to Cleveland, TX from Austin, I was wiped.  I told her I'd only take photos of her.  But when I met her in person, somehow I changed my mind and decided to have her take photos of us.  I wasn't looking awesome, so I borrowed her flat iron and I put make-up on like crazy.  I'm glad she convinced me in a way.  It was fun to do the photo-swapping.  By the way, it was hilarious to see people's reactions in Austin when my husband and I said we'd be driving to Cleveland the next day.  (We omitted the actual state at first.)

Stephanie did great and I'm grateful for having met her and her family, and also, for the fun photo swap!  

Well, there you have it, the 2013 Clark Christmas Card.  I was actually scared to put the cards in the mail at first, but everyone seemed to love the card - allrighty then, now what to top this year's?  That's on my to-do list already.

May you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
Kerri & Charles

Kerri Clark